Roberto Allende

In the previous post, I introduced the first five slides I chose from DroidCon NYC 2015. Here is the second part with the remaining ones. Read More

I wanted to solve a very simple problem using python, consume a RSS from a third party web site, process it and show the result in my Google App Engine application. Read More.

I joined the Technology Entrepreneurship class by Professor Chuck Eesley at Stanford University through few weeks ago. The class requires to create a team to work on assignments similar as the tasks a real startup needs to do on its inital phases. Read More.

Droidcon NYC 2015 was a great conference with an outstanding program. More than once, it was not easy to choose which session to attend; likewise to choose a slide from a talk but I took the challenge and here is my list. I don’t intend to look for the best ones, the mere discussion of the meaning of best could take up several paragraphs, but rather the ones that represent a concept that I can apply to my daily projects or that slide that stuck in my mind after the talk was over. Read More.

Piggybacked with PyCon Brazil, PSSA 2011 promises to be the best PSSA ever!Read More.

Have you ever dream with a tool to inspect and take advantage of python’s introspection power on Zope2’s ZODB objects ?. No need to dream anymore, such tool exists and you can download it from your favorite Python Package repository. Read More.



Android: Fearless Coding with Test Driven Development

September 2018 - Mobile Refresh - Wellington, New Zealand Why TDD is relevant in mobile development and how to start adopting it today. Slides - Talk References

Startup: Creencias y cultura popular para armar el equipo de un Startup

July 2017 - Founder Institute - Cordoba, ArgentinaUn listado de creencias personales y su relación con la cultura popular sobre el armado de equipos de startups. Slides

Android: 11 Slides de Droidcon NYC

October 2015 - GDG DevFest Cordoba - Cordoba, ArgentinaEsta charla presenta una selección de distintas charlas de Droidcon NYC, Slides

Python: Microservices y la era Post Industrial de la Web

November 2014 - PyCon Argentina - Rafaela, ArgentinaEn la charla se presentarán avances recientes y nuevos patrones de arquitecturas de aplicaciones.Slides - Video

Startup: La idea, de la epifanía a la empresa escalable

April 2014 - Startup Weekend Cordoba - Cordoba, Argentina¿ Qué significa pensar en grande dentro del contexto de startups tecnológicos ? Slides - Video

Startup: Emprender en Argentina: 8 creencias y algunas experiencias

October 2013 - FaMAF, UNC - Cordoba, ArgentinaLa charla se centra en dos preguntas a las cuales se intenta responder desde la perspectiva de un emprendedor cordobes: Que significa emprender en Argentina. Que habilidades tiene que tener un emprendedor. Slides